"This encyclopedia is dedicated to the recordings of the various events, and persons involved in these events, that have taken place over the many eons of existence in Anthralon. It also covers the places, the lands, the stories, and the beliefs of said land, and it is my fervent hope to collect as much information as possible in this work, to help guide and teach the future generations of men. Our land is a wonderful world, filled with magic and power, destinies and hopes. But it is also one of darker things, creatures and monsters that lurk in the dark, waiting for a chance to break free. Let this book be a guide to the lost, and a warning to those who believe they have experienced enough. So come friend, let us write of a world so rich, so full. Let us write of Anthralon."

- Loremaster Liukun Lin, Author of The Book of Anthralon

Anthralon Edit

Welcome friends.  In honor of Liukun Lin's incomplete project, I have personally dedicated a team to recreate his work and make it more accessible to those who wish to learn.  Our world is one of a glorious, and at times shameful, history, and one that I would wish for all to learn of.  Though our recordings must start small (after all, the amount of information to put down is immense!), we will expand until we have a true understanding of Anthralon.  This was Liukun's dream, and he spent his life pursuing it.  Let us be the ones to complete it.  After all, in the words of Justin Mardrew himself:

Though ten thousand swords kill ten thousand men,
They accomplish no more than one scholar's pen.

Best wishes to those who come for knowledge, and many thanks to those who come to give it!

-Current Loremaster, Richard Xavius

Latest activityEdit

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